Creating Coursepacks for Instructors
Coursepacks created by Verified Instructors will appear in the Coursepacks area of the site. Only coursepacks associated with the subscribing institution will appear here and they will only be visible within the permitted IP range.
In order to create coursepacks, faculty must be verified as an instructor at the subscribing institution. Faculty should fill out the Instructor Verification registration form to enable our site administrators to assign the Verified Instructor role to the listed account. The form is available here:
Create a new coursepack
To create a coursepack, go the Coursepacks area of the site. Select Create a new coursepack and begin the process.

Step 1: Add Details
Provide a coursepack title, description, course ID, and expiration date for your coursepack.
Choose Save and next step to begin to organize the content for your coursepack.
If you are starting a new coursepack, go to the eBook section of the site and locate the chapters you would like to add to your coursepack. You will choose the “Add to coursepack” button option to add specific chapters to your coursepack.
Step 2: Organize
Order the chapters you have chosen for your coursepack.
If you do not have any chapters selected yet, start searching for chapters from the eBooks section. Follow the instructions below:
Once you find a chapter you want to add to your coursepack, select the “Add to coursepack” button in the online reader toolbar located on the bottom right side of the page.
Select Choose existing coursepack from the menu.
Locate the coursepack that you just created and select it.
Select Save to add the chapter you are viewing to this coursepack.
On the next screen, choose to close the window or view on your coursepack.
Continue to add chapters as needed. When you have added all of your chapters, you can organize them into the order you wish to view them.
You can add a note to any chapter that your students will see when they open the chapter in the online reader. Add something like “Week 3 reading” to help students know what you would like them to focus on for the reading. Select Save my note to ensure your note is added to the coursepack.
When you are done organizing your chapters, choose Next Step to generate your coursepack.
Step 3: Generate
In order for the system to “zip” the chapters together into an electronic coursepack, you must “generate” the coursepack.
Choose Generate coursepack to start the coursepack generation process.
A message indicating that the coursepack is being processed will appear. If you have a lot of chapters, this may take some time. Check your email for an alert that your coursepack is ready.You can hit the Refresh view to see if the action is complete.
You will know that your coursepack is ready to preview when the Re-Generate Coursepack button appears. You only need to use Re-Generate Coursepack if you add additional chapters to your coursepack before moving on to the Preview stage.
If you are ready to preview your coursepack, choose Next Step.
Step 4: Preview
The next step is to preview how your coursepack will look to your students. The alert at the top of the page will indicate that your coursepack is unpublished.
Start by selecting Preview coursepack.
Review the coursepack information and table of contents.
Select the chapters to view how the coursepack will appear to your students. If you added a note, it should appear at the top of the chapter.
If you are satisfied, select the Coursepack title to go back to the main Coursepack Information page.
Select the Continue to create coursepack button in the top right corner.
Select Next step to publish your coursepack.
Step 5: Publish
To make your coursepack available to students at your institution, you will need to publish the coursepack.
Choose Publish Coursepack.
Review the notice and agree to the terms of use. Coursepacks cannot be changed once they are published.
Choose Publish to make your coursepack available to your institution.
If you are not ready to publish your coursepack, you can save it for later. Just go to the main Coursepack page or the My coursepacks section of your account to manage your coursepacks.
NOTE: Once the coursepack has been published, it cannot be changed. If you have a problem, please contact
Sharing Coursepacks with Students
Once your coursepack has been published, you can share a link to the Coursepack with your students.
Go to the My coursepacks section of your account.
Choose the coursepack you wish to share.
On the Coursepack information page, select the Share this coursepack button. A screen will appear with a link that can be shared to students.