Key Features of the A&AePortal
The A&AePortal provides students, scholars, and researchers the tools they need to conduct their work easily and more efficiently. The multi-user permissions provide institutional subscribers with convenient access to out-of-print titles, key backlist, and recent releases are available as eBooks exclusively on this site. Peer-reviewed born-digital content is also available.
Multiple ways to discover content
Our full-text search includes all eBook content and metadata available on the A&AePortal
Chapter-level search results efficiently present the most relevant content related to your keyword search
Innovative search functionality, zoom capabilities, an interactive online reader, plus supplemental audio and video
Subject areas offer ways to browse by field of study, sub-discipline, and geographic region
Description: Image_Information_Page
Image information pages link image metadata with associated chapters and other related images.
Description: OnlineReader
The online reader incorporates tools that support research and study.
Interactive online reader supports deeper analysis
Your A&AePortal Subscription provides you access to all the content via our web-based online reader.
Examine works embedded in the reading with the image zoom feature
Generate automated text-level or chapter level citations in multiple formats
Seamlessly make highlight and take notes within online reader for personal research
Share links to chapters or books for authorized users' quick access to the content
Read offline by printing or saving chapters as PDFs
Description: Bookshelf
Users can export all their highlights and notes from multiple chapters from their personal Bookshelf.
Personalized tools make researching online more efficient
Books and chapters can be saved to personal Bookshelf workspace
Notes taken within the online reader can be organized and exported with preferred citation format for offline use
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