The Bookshelf is where you can find all the books and chapters you have saved to your account.
Highlights and notes
The “Highlights and notes” section is the central location for all the highlights and notes you have made on the platform. Notes can be modified and extracts organized into folders. All the work you have done on the platform can also be exported in Web (standard metadata), Chicago, and MLA formats.
Organize Highlights and notes
Highlights and notes can be organized into folders.
Under the Actions menu available on the left-hand side of the page, choose "Add a new folder"
Choose a name for your folder and select "Save".
Highlights and notes can be moved and copied into folders.
Select the items you would like to move.
Choose to Move or Copy the items
Select the folder you would like the items to be moved or copied to.
Select the "Move" or "Copy" button to complete the action.
To remove Highlights and notes you no longer need in your Bookshelf, select the individual item and choose the Remove Highlight button from the top menu.
Export Highlights and notes
Select “Export” from the menu above the list of your highlights and notes.
Choose the format you would like your chapter or book citations to be set as.
Select the “Export” button to complete the export of your highlights and notes.
Save the exported file. All citations, excerpted text, and your personal notes will be saved in the file.