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  • Description: Mosaic reconstruction process
    Posted by:John Carlson
    Mar 10
    Mosaic reconstruction process
    Video of creation of flower artwork
  • Description: Tea Ceremony for Kuchikiri
    Posted by:John Carlson
    Sep 24
    Tea Ceremony for Kuchikiri
    Japanese tea ceremony
  • Description: Test IOC video
    Posted by:Adam P
    Aug 22
    Test IOC video
    This is a test video.
  • Description: Trio A (The Mind Is a Muscle, Part I) - video clip
    Posted by:John Carlson
    Aug 15
    Trio A (The Mind Is a Muscle, Part I) -...
    Video of an excerpt from Yvonne Rannier's Trio A (The Mind is a Muscle, Part I).