Editorial Notes & Staff
Editorial notes
The following editorial guidelines have been used to prepare content for the A&AePortal. Books on the site have been converted from previously published print editions or are born-digital publications.
If the ePortal book was originally published in print, the content is replicated on the site to the best of our ability. Typographic and conversion errors, if detected, have been corrected. Books on the site use either U.S. or British spelling. If you find an issue that should be addressed, please contact: support@aaeportal.com.
As all titles on the ePortal have been converted into XML to enable sophisticated searching, they do not retain design features specific to a book's original print version.
Page ranges corresponding to the chapters in the original print book are provided in the metadata (shown at the beginning of each chapter). Individual book pages are not replicated on the platform, for reasons mentioned above, but the site features an automatic tool that creates a specific citation as accurate/verifiable documentation.
Image captions appear in the ePortal book as shown in the original print publication. Separate metadata associated with the images, prepared by the A&AePortal editorial team and found by clicking on the icon in the lower right of the images, often provides more up-to-date information than the original caption. Please note, however, that image metadata on the platform is not being updated in perpetuity, and researchers should take advantage of repository links that are provided whenever possible in the image metadata to find additional information.
Unless there are specific permissions issues, an artwork discussed in multiple eBooks on the platform is reconciled under a single set of metadata. For this reason, image metadata may not always align with caption information.
Images used in the print publication to enhance the design and presentation (i.e., full-bleed details on frontispieces, etc.) have been removed.
Images that do not comport with fair use, or for which permissions have not been cleared by the publisher, have been removed, but the image metadata has been retained.
Images of potentially culturally sensitive objects and belongings have been suppressed in relevant eBooks, but the image metadata has been retained.
An explanatory note will appear in the few situations where additions or changes to an eBook's content were made.
When a footnote reference is made in one eBook to another title that also exists on the portal, a link has been added to the footnote so that the user can quickly access the cited reference, if desired. This cross-referencing also occurs in relevant bibliographic entries.
When multiple editions of a print book exist, the most recent edition was used for the A&AePortal.
There are out-of-print titles on the site for which the rights were reverted to the author from the original publisher. The original publication information is retained, but the electronic version on the portal is listed as a Yale University Press title.
If you have questions about editorial policies, please contact us at support@aaeportal.com.
A&AePortal staff
Patricia J. Fidler, Executive Director
Sara Sapire, New Business and Product Development Director, Request a demo
John Carlson, Digital Production Editor
Adria Patterson, Project Coordinator
Zsofia Jilling, Proofreading Coordinator
We would like to express special thanks to our dedicated freelance metadata taggers and proofreaders.
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