Why publish your book on the A&AePortal?
Today's students expect scholarship to be available in digital form. Unlike in other areas of the humanities, publishers have struggled to find a meaningful electronic solution for books that rely heavily on images: image procurement and permissions are complicated; static PDFs of print books with images are limiting; and content—be it an independent eBook or a museum's online catalogue—is too easily siloed, rendering it difficult to discover.
To address these concerns and inadequacies, Yale University Press launched the A&AePortal in 2019 as an authoritative and diverse online library of art and architectural publications. Usage of the site has increased considerably year-on-year, with institutional subscriptions consistently growing. Your book would join a select number of out-of-print, backlist, new releases, and born-digital titles on the site. Around 50 titles are added to the A&AePortal each year.
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"[The] A&AePortal handles art books the way they should be handled in an electronic format: includes the images (and zoomable), linked references, linked index entries, etc. Thank you!" —Librarian at subscribing institution
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Key features:
Provides curated content from Yale University Press and other distinguished publishers, including university presses and museums: monographs, surveys, catalogues, reference books, and more
Presents robust functionality and extensive metadata tagging creating myriad opportunities for discoverability
Includes a built-in viewer that allows close study of high-quality images
Offers a unique ability for users to search for content by image
Accommodates video and audio to support and enhance scholarship
Links chapter keywords, along with relevant bibliography and footnotes, between books, allowing efficient and effective discoverability of related content
Creates a stable URL for you to use when assigning book (or chapter) for courses
Built to enable authors the opportunity to assert fair use for appropriate images
Option for open-access publishing with requisite funding/subsidy
Ability to publish peer-reviewed born-digital books
Core and Global Collections are available for subscription, depending on rights restrictions of content
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