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Description: Becoming America: Highlights from the Jonathan and Karin Fielding Collection of Folk...
This catalogue is the result of the farsighted generosity and capacious vision of Jonathan and Karin Fielding...
PublisherYale University Press
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Description: Puppies
Puppies, 1846–47
Watercolor on paper
Framed: 11 × 14 in.
This catalogue is the result of the farsighted generosity and capacious vision of Jonathan and Karin Fielding. It has been an absolute delight to work with them and the collection over the years. I hope this volume reflects their passion and curiosity.
I want to acknowledge those who helped us reach the milestone of this catalogue, especially those who contributed to the hugely successful opening of the Jonathan and Karin Fielding Wing at The Huntington in October 2016. The Advancement team, especially Randy Shulman, Vice President for Advancement, has done much work with the Fieldings to ensure the wing’s construction and now the catalogue’s publication. Frederick Fisher and Partners designed the Fielding Wing, a stunning modernist addition to the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art. Fred Fisher and his team, including Trevor Behner and Nathan Prevendar, also laid out the thoughtful inaugural installation.
At The Huntington, the building project and installation was overseen by Kevin Salatino, former Hannah and Russel Kully Director of the Art Collections, Laurie Sowd, former Vice President for Operations, and Jessica Todd Smith, former Virginia Steele Scott Chief Curator of American Art. In Facilities, Jerry Eaton, Larry Gaudy, and Tony Ceccia kept an eye on construction details. Alex Moran, Lana Johnson, Lindsey Hansen, and Sharon Robinson ably coordinated a talented crew of preparators, including Gregg Bayne, Tom Cabbell, Anders Lansing, Adam Maron, Pat Pickett, Amy Sampson, and Jacob Yanes. Kamil Beski fabricated mounts. Graphic design was provided by Meghan Moran and Christian Mounger. Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell helped develop content for labels, with assistance from intern Jacqueline Gufford. Hal Nelson, former Curator of American Decorative Arts, contributed labels, and Jean Patterson copyedited the gallery text. Lindsay Ash and Anna Engstrom worked with Antenna International to produce a strong audio guide. In the Communications and Marketing department, Susan Turner-Lowe and her team publicized the exhibition to a wide audience. In the Botanical division, Scott Kleinrock, Seth Baker, and Kelly Fernandez have created beautiful plantings around the Fielding Wing’s entrance. Conservation services were provided by Christina Varvi, Laura Telford, Sarah Giffin, Ben Brandfon, and Lily Doan of Rosa Lowinger and Associates. Additionally, Cara Varnell, a textile conservator, and Catherine Keaveney, a furniture conservator, supplemented the outstanding Huntington team that included Andrea Knowlton, Kristi Westberg, Christina O’Connell, and Annie Wilker. Hilah Loewenstein, Assistant to Karin Fielding, responded to countless queries.
Description: Plaque with Bas Relief of a Man and Woman
Plaque with Bas Relief of a Man and Woman, ca. 1830
Pine, paint, and shellac
15 × 14 × 1 in.
This catalogue could not have been completed without the unstinting support of two Huntington staff members. Jean Patterson, as Managing Editor, kept the entire project moving forward and worked her editorial magic time after time. She deserves special recognition for her efforts. Lindsey Hansen ably and efficiently coordinated the installation and now the catalogue. John Sullivan’s great team in Imaging Services, including Manuel Flores and Devonne Tice, provided several thousand images to choose from. Elizabeth (Elee) Wood, former Curator/Educator, Fielding Collection for Early American Art, reviewed the essays with her characteristic thoughtfulness and creative eye. Lily Allen assisted authors with research and queries.
The contributors’ sparkling essays do justice to the collection. Many thanks to John Demos, Jonathan and Karin Fielding, Robin Jaffee Frank, Stacy Hollander, Sumpter Priddy, Elizabeth (Liz) Warren, and David Wheatcroft. At Lucia | Marquand, Adrian Lucia, Meghann Ney, Kestrel Rundle, Brynn Warriner, Jeremy Linden, and Leah Finger shepherded this project. Ryan Polich’s strong design and Melissa Duffes’s editorial review contributed to the catalogue’s success.
Many others provided indispensable support. Catherine Hess, as Interim Director of the Art Collections, and Steve Hindle, as Interim President of The Huntington, offered able guidance. On her arrival in October 2018, Christina Nielsen, Hannah and Russel Kully Director of the Art Museum, embraced the project and gave strong support to move it forward. The library staff, under the leadership of Sandra Brooke, Avery Director of the Library, located numerous books and references.
These acknowledgments must end by turning back to the Fieldings. Throughout our many conversations about contributors, design, layout, photography, and all the details that make up the catalogue, I was grateful for such thoughtful and inspiring collaborators. Their exceptionally keen eye for artistic quality is on display in this catalogue, which they generously underwrote. Their desire to share the collection shaped this catalogue and everything we do with the Fielding Collection at The Huntington.
James Glisson
June 2019
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