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Description: Always Reaching: The Selected Writings of Anne Truitt
Spanning more than fifty years, this comprehensive volume collects the letters, journal entries, interviews, lectures, reviews, and remembrances of the groundbreaking twentieth-century artist Anne Truitt (1921–2004). Alexandra Truitt, the artist’s daughter and a leading expert on her work, has carefully selected these writings, most of which are previously unpublished, from the artist’s papers at Bryn Mawr College as well as private holdings.

Revelations about the artist’s life abound. Among Truitt’s earliest writings are excerpts from journals written more than a decade before her first artistic breakthrough, in which she establishes themes that would occupy her for decades. In later texts she shares uncommon insights into the practices of other artists and writers, both predecessors and peers. Like Truitt’s published journals, these writings offer a compelling narrative of her development as an artist and efforts to find her voice as a writer. They show that Truitt’s creative impulse to translate the inner workings of her mind into a symbolic language, so important to understanding her sculpture, predates her art.
Print publication date April 2023 (in print)
Print ISBN 9780300260410
EISBN 9780300279016
Illustrations 63
Print Status in print
Description: Written into the Void: Selected Writings, 1990–2004
A prominent practitioner, an influential theorist, and an esteemed educator, the architect Peter Eisenman commands attention in architectural discourse and debate. This book, a companion volume to Eisenman Inside Out: Selected Writings, 1963–1988, gathers a generous selection of his later writings. In these texts Eisenman undertakes theoretical analyses, close readings of his own works, and innovative assessments of the designs and writings of other architects and critics.

In a major introduction to the volume, Jeffrey Kipnis looks closely at Eisenman’s approach toward language and writing, a practice in which architecture itself becomes a form of written theory, as well as at his context within a critical canon that includes Jacques Derrida and Rosalind Krauss. Presenting the range of Eisenman’s important contributions to architectural theory, this collection of nineteen essays provides insight into the architect’s own understandings and methodologies and offers provocative challenges for his readers.

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Print publication date March 2007 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300111118
EISBN 9780300278958
Illustrations 37
Print Status out of print
Description: The Arts and the Creation of Mind
Although the arts are often thought to be closer to the rim of education than to its core, they are, surprisingly, critically important means for developing complex and subtle aspects of the mind, argues Elliot W. Eisner in this engrossing book. In it he describes how various forms of thinking are evoked, developed, and refined through the arts. These forms of thinking, Eisner argues, are more helpful in dealing with the ambiguities and uncertainties of daily life than are the formally structured curricula that are employed today in schools.

Offering a rich array of examples, Eisner describes different approaches to the teaching of the arts and the virtues each possesses when well taught. He discusses especially nettlesome issues pertaining to the evaluation of performance in the arts. Perhaps most important, Eisner provides a fresh and admittedly iconoclastic perspective on what the arts can contribute to education, namely a new vision of both its aims and its means. This new perspective, Eisner argues, is especially important today, a time at which mechanistic forms of technical rationality often dominate our thinking about the conduct and assessment of education.
Print publication date October 2002 (in print)
Print ISBN 9780300095234
EISBN 9780300278668
Illustrations 34
Print Status in print
Description: Untimely Moderns: How Twentieth-Century Architecture Reimagined the Past
A novel exploration of the idea of nonlinear time and its place at the heart of modern art and architecture

Through much of the twentieth century, a diverse group of thinkers engaged in an interdisciplinary conversation about the meaning of time and history for modern art and architecture. The group included architects Louis Kahn, Everett Victor Meeks, James Gamble Rogers, Paul Rudolph, and Eero Saarinen; artists Anni and Josef Albers; philosopher Paul Weiss; and art historians Henri Focillon, George Kubler, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, and Vincent Scully. These figures were unified by their resistance to the idea that, to be considered modern, art and architecture had to be of its time, as well as by the pivotal role that Yale University held as a backdrop to their thinking.

These thinkers sponsored a new kind of approach, one that Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen terms “untimely,” emphasizing a departure from a sequential course of events. Ideas about temporal duration, new tradition, the presence of the past, and the shape of time were among the concepts they explored. With an interdisciplinary focus, Pelkonen reveals previously unexplored connections among key figures of American intellectual and artistic culture at midcentury whose works and words would shape modern architecture.

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Print publication date July 2023 (in print)
Print ISBN 9780300263954
EISBN 9780300278231
Illustrations 105
Print Status in print
Description: Nourish and Resist: Food and Feminisms in Contemporary Global Caribbean Art
A revelatory exploration of the food, feminisms, and visual culture of the global Caribbean

Food is more than what we eat; it nourishes us. For women of the global Caribbean, the evocation of food makes visible histories and ideas that remain obscured: domestic labor, community and care, generational knowledge, cultural memory, artistic expression, and acts of resistance. In this interdisciplinary and comparative volume, scholars and artists engage with foodways through decolonial and intersectional feminist lenses, addressing the resonance of these themes in contemporary art. As such, they represent new scholarly and creative interventions on Caribbean and Caribbean-diasporic contemporary art in a global context.

This anthology harnesses the potential of food to create, negotiate, and analyze the visual languages emergent from a region grappling with political occupation, tourism, and ecological crises. Contributors lend a vital perspective into feminisms, the global Caribbean, tropical visuality, cookery, and consumption and feature discussions of such artists as María Magdalena Campos-Pons, Renluka Maharaj, Joiri Minaya, Victoria Ravelo, and Tania Bruguera.

“This exciting volume represents a significant cross-over of food studies, feminism, and art making while charting a new direction to cut across the art of this region.”—Katherine Manthorne, Graduate Center, City University of New York

“One of [the book’s] many strengths is its use of archipelagic thinking, which broadens our understanding of what constitutes the Caribbean. The connections between chapters make for interesting, non-linear reading, ideal for a digital environment, that heighten the volume’s thrust to emphasize crossings and networked relations.”—Marsha Pearce, University of the West Indies

This born-digital book is available exclusively on the A&AePortal.
Hannah Ryan (Editor), Lesley A. Wolff (Editor)
EISBN 9780300272819
Illustrations 107, plus 5 videos
Print Status in print
Description: The Trees of the Cross: Wood as Subject and Medium in the Art of Late Medieval...
In late medieval Germany, wood was a material laden with significance. It was an important part of the local environment and economy, as well as an object of religious devotion in and of itself.  Gregory C. Bryda examines the multiple meanings of wood and greenery within religious art—as a material, as a feature of agrarian life, and as a symbol of the cross, whose wood has resonances with other iconographies in the liturgy. Bryda discusses how influential artists such as Matthias Grünewald, known for the Isenheim Altarpiece, and the renowned sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider exploited wood’s multivalent nature to connect spiritual themes to the lived environment outside church walls. Exploring the complex visual and material culture of the period, this lavishly illustrated volume features works ranging from monumental altarpieces to portable pictures and offers a fresh understanding of how wood in art functioned to unlock the mysteries of faith and the natural world in both liturgy and everyday life.

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Print publication date June 2023 (in print)
Print ISBN 9780300267655
EISBN 9780300278170
Illustrations 161
Print Status in print
Description: Gego: Weaving the Space in Between
This important book is the first extended study of the life and work of German-born Venezuelan artist Gertrude Goldschmidt (1912–94), known as Gego. In locating the artist’s contribution to postwar art and her important place in the global conversations around modernity, Mónica Amor explores her intermedial practice as a model of cultural complexity at the “edge of modernity.” In situating Gego’s work alongside other local archives and against her European education and global reception, Amor offers a monographic model that complicates traditional approaches to history. She investigates the full range of Gego’s work, including her furniture workshop, her teaching at schools of architecture and design, her seminal reticuláreas, and her lesser-known prints. Through rigorous archival research, formal analysis, theoretical relevance, and deep exploration of historical context, this essential book unpacks Gego’s radical recasting of the modern sculptural project through her engagement with architecture, craft, and design pedagogy.

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Print publication date April 2023 (in print)
Print ISBN 9780300260687
EISBN 9780300278125
Illustrations 172
Print Status in print
Description: Minimalism: Art and Polemics in the Sixties
What is minimalism? The answer to this simple question has defied simple answers. In this highly readable history of minimalist art James Meyer argues that "minimalism" was not a coherent movement but a field of overlapping and sometimes opposed practices. He traces in comprehensive detail the emergence of six figures associated with the development—Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, and Anne Truitt—and how the notion of minimalism came to be constructed around their art in the 1960s. Despite distinctive differences in method and points of view, Meyer shows, these artists became equated in a series of important exhibitions and texts that led to their designation as minimalists.

Beginning with the first reviews of minimalist shows, the book tracks the development of an art that critics dubbed Cool Art, ABC Art, and Primary Structures before settling on the deprecating label "minimal art.” Suggesting that such work was overly reduced in form and facture, this term implied that the new abstraction was barely legible as fine art to some viewers. Meyer describes the heated polemic that unfolded in response to these practices, the differing claims of the artists, and the sometimes intense rivalries that developed within a highly competitive, fashion-minded New York art scene. The book culminates with an analysis of minimalism’s canonization in the late sixties, its reception in Europe, and its discrediting by leftist viewers who associated the new art with American capitalist-imperialism of the Vietnam War.

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Print publication date May 2001 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300081558
EISBN 9780300277074
Illustrations 175
Print Status out of print
Description: Eisenman Inside Out: Selected Writings, 1963–1988
Peter Eisenman has been an innovative presence in the field of architecture and architectural theory for more than thirty years. Architect, educator, founder and director of the Institute for Architecture and Urbanism, he has given definition to the principal debates on the architecture of our past, present, and future. In this remarkable collection, nineteen of his most important essays are presented together for the first time. Generously illustrated and with a new introduction by the author, these writings assemble the ideas that both set and provoked contemporary architectural practice and theory.

This collection ranges from comprehensive theoretical analyses to close readings of Eisenman’s own work and that of such architects as Andrea Palladio, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Alison and Peter Smithson, James Stirling, Philip Johnson, and John Hedjuk. Providing new perspectives on these architects and on Eisenman’s own methodologies, these writings present an insider’s appraisal of the polemics that have defined architecture over the past half century and that continue as one of the major ongoing forces in the discourse today.

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Print publication date May 2004 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300090086
EISBN 9780300276879
Illustrations 96
Print Status out of print
Description: Marble Queens and Captives: Women in Nineteenth-Century American Sculpture
When nineteenth-century Americans looked at a statue of a nude woman in chains, or a shipwrecked mother and child, what did they see? When they talked or wrote about them, what did they say?

In this fascinating book, Joy S. Kasson argues that there was a connection between the popularity of artworks such as these, which derive from a sentimental literary culture, and the rapidly changing social, economic, and political environment that was beginning to raise questions about women's nature and role in society. By exploring the once-popular genre of ideal sculpture, with its focus on female subjects and its insistence on narrative content, Kasson is able to shed light on conventional assumptions about gender roles, as well as the tensions that lay behind these beliefs. Kasson reconstructs the intellectual, aesthetic, and literary contexts in which these sculptures were viewed and traces the social history of their production and reception. She shows that sculptors and audiences repeatedly idealized women as fragile, endangered, and vulnerable.

Immoral or powerful women, such as Eve, Pandora, or Medea, were presented in a web of sentimental narrative that hinted at moral redemption in order to reassure viewers that woman's true nature would remain domestic and maternal. Kasson looks closely at a number of sculptures that exemplified these themes—from Hiram Power's The Greek Slave to works by the most prominent female sculptor of the period, Harriet Hosmer. Resurrecting these forgotten artworks and explicating their narrative context, she provides fresh insights into the cultural construction of gender in nineteenth-century America.

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Print publication date September 1990 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300045963
EISBN 9780300276916
Illustrations 103
Print Status out of print
Description: The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
A wealth of art and architectural treasures survive from Ancient Egypt—a civilization that endured from the fourth millennium B.C. to the conquest of Alexander the Great. In this book, Ancient Egyptian monuments, their decorations, and many other works of art are reproduced in more than four hundred beautiful illustrations.

The Ancient Egyptians in their tombs attempted to recreate life for the dead in a naturalistic way, often against the background of the landscape in which they lived. This book shows the tombs at Thebes, including the treasure-filled burial place of Tutankhamen, the temples of Luxor and Karnak, and the palaces of Akhenaten at Tell el Amarna and of Amenhotep III at Thebes. It also presents many revealing portraits depicting a range of subjects from the kings and queens who built the pyramids at Giza and Saqqara to their own civil servants.

Many works reproduced in black-and-white in the print version of the book have been replaced with high-quality color illustrations in this electronic version.

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Print publication date January 1999 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300077476
EISBN 9780300276480
Illustrations 420
Print Status out of print
Description: Dutch Painting, 1600–1800
This classic survey book provides an authoritative and perceptive study of Dutch painting from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries. Esteemed scholar Seymour Slive focuses on the major artists of the period, analyzing works by Hals, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Jacob van Ruisdael, and many others. He discusses the kinds of painting that became Dutch specialties—portraits, genre scenes, landscapes, seascapes, Italianate pictures, architectural painting, and still lifes—as well as traditional biblical and historical subjects painted by artists of the period. He also importantly examines patronage and trends of art theory, criticism, and collecting.

In this revised edition, Slive has completely rewritten and expanded his original text, taking into account his own and other recent scholarship on Dutch painting as well as new archival finds, technical analyses of paintings made by conservators and scientists, and significant pictures that have been discovered.

Hundreds of works reproduced in black-and-white in the print version of the book have been replaced here with high-quality color illustrations.

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Print publication date December 1998 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300074512
EISBN 9780300276428
Illustrations 433
Print Status out of print
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