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Calumny of Apelles

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Description: Calumny of Apelles
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Description: Michelangelo, Drawing, and the Invention of Architecture
~Michelangelo came to architecture slowly. This is true both in chronological terms, relative to the span of his career, and in conceptual terms, in the sense that he took up architectural problems gradually. As was common for painters and sculptors, initially he saw architecture as a means of constructing a frame around figures. However, once he had turned his...
PublisherYale University Press
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Description: Images and Identity in Fifteenth-Century Florence
Giannozzo di Antonio Pucci married Lucrezia di Piero di Giovanni di Jacopo Bini in 1483. Four panels based on a tale from Boccaccio’s Decameron can be connected with this marriage (pls. 213-16). From Sandro Botticelli’s workshop, the paintings measure about 83 by 140 cm. each, or 1 1/2 by 2 1/2 Florentine braccia. Their size and format suggests that they were designed to be the type of decorative inset known as spalliere, placed above shoulder (spalla) height in the wainscoting of a panelled …
PublisherYale University Press
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Description: The Intellectual Life of the Early Renaissance Artist
The fresco of the Marriage of Alexander and Roxana (fig. 89), painted by Sodoma for Agostino Chigi’s bedchamber in the Villa Farnesina in Rome, is based on Lucian’s description of a painting by Apelles that celebrated this episode in the life of his patron Alexander the Great. Distantly based on a drawing by Raphael, the work was fairly certainly completed to coincide with Chigi’s marriage on 28 August 1519, under pressure from Pope Leo X, to his Venetian mistress, Francesca Ordeaschi …
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.189-207

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