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Noah's Sacrifice (Das Opfer Noahs)

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Description: Noah's Sacrifice (Das Opfer Noahs)
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Description: German Romanticism and English Art
~THE MEANS by which the English became aware of contemporary German art are of interest, not simply because they demonstrate the degree to which certain aspects of this art were by the 1840s common knowledge, but also because they show a process of selectivity at work which suggests a directed concern. Indeed one might say that the significant feature was not so much...
PublisherPaul Mellon Centre
Related print edition pages: pp.9-62
Description: German Romantic Painting
~THAT A BOOK on German Romantic painting should give pride of place to landscape would have seemed highly perverse to contemporaries. The prestige of this nation’s art at the time rested upon a quite different achievement. When a commentator in the English magazine Art...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.163-190

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