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Dying Hercules

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Description: Dying Hercules
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Description: Samuel F. B. Morse’s Gallery of the Louvre and the Art of Invention
~WHY IS IT that certain American places have the emotional intensity of old master paintings? The American places I have in mind do not literally look like paintings by Rembrandt, but they sometimes have the gravity and pathos, the infinite depth and unaccountable lightness, of...
PublisherTerra Foundation for American Art
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Description: Art on the Line: The Royal Academy Exhibitions at Somerset House 1780–1836
THE OPENING OF THE NEW ROYAL ACADEMY at Somerset House in 1780 can be seen as a moment of triumph for officially ordained high culture in Britain. With its exuberant and sophisticated use of the classical orders, the building itself constituted an exultant proclamation of the Academy’s privileged relationship with the elevated cultural traditions of ancient Greece and Rome,...
PublisherPaul Mellon Centre
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Description: America’s Rome: Volume I—Classical Rome
John Singer Sargent’s Roman sketchbook of 1869 contains—besides a pale gray wash of the Colosseum and a drawing of the white oxen of the Campagna—studies by the sixteen-year-old artist of the Laocoon and the Apollo Belvedere in the Vatican ...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.182-392