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Death of Sardanapalus

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Description: Death of Sardanapalus
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Description: The Power of Color: Five Centuries of European Painting
~~After playing a role in visualizing the French Revolution, color was subject to its own upheaval in the nineteenth century, first in materials, then in making. By the time of the Industrial Revolution, chemistry had replaced alchemy. Building on the classification of the elements and using modern experimental scientific methods,...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.187-227
Description: Extremities: Painting Empire in Post-Revolutionary France
~They are all there: the black male slave, the white oriental male slave, the oriental despot, the mulatta, the white harem woman. The extremities are there too: violence, mayhem, decapitation, strangulation, fire, and billowing smoke. What is not there is the specificity of place, or the...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.315-317
Description: Fellow Men: Fantin-Latour and the Problem of the Group in Nineteenth-Century French...
WHEN Fantin-Latour’s Homage to Delacroix (1864) was exhibited for the second time, at the Society of French Artists in London in 1873, it was hung directly opposite Eugène Delacroix’s Death of...
PublisherPrinceton University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.19-67
Description: The Image of the Black in Western Art, Volume IV: From the American Revolution to...
A black man, large as life, holding the reins of a white horse in one hand while he plunges a dagger into its throat with the other, is given great prominence...
PublisherHarvard University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.151-190
Chapter subject tags:Slavery in artErotic art
Description: The Art of Impressionism: Painting Technique and the Making of Modernity
The nineteenth century is characterised in art histories as an era of innovation: in the production of the artist’s materials, in their usage and in the ‘modern’ styles of painting they generated. Science and technology provided painters with a greatly extended range of artists’ materials and pigments, and colour-merchants retailed a burgeoning selection of ready-made...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.1-14

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