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The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak

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Description: The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak
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Description: Arcadian America: The Death and Life of an Environmental Tradition
Often, of course, American fields were so cluttered with stumps that there was no question of forgetting about them for any length of time. (Figures 30 and 31.)
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.137-209
Description: Art of the United States, 1750–2000: Primary Sources
The decade of the 1850s was, for many, a period of a satisfying coming of age. The Industrial Revolution, which had developed in the United States a bit later than in England, had matured, and the nation was on its way to being a global economic presence (despite a financial depression in 1857). The Gadsden Purchase in 1853 transferred Mexican land (this time without going to war) to the US...
PublisherTerra Foundation for American Art
Related print edition pages: pp.108-155
Description: Vistas de España: American Views of Art and Life in Spain, 1860–1914
Samuel Colman (1832–1920) was the first artist from the United States to paint an extensive number of images based on a journey through Spain. Son of a bookseller and publisher, Colman grew up in the city of New York, where his exposure to the artists, engravers, and writers...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.13-35
Description: Discovered Lands, Invented Pasts: Transforming Visions of the American West
In a recent essay Wanda Corn noted that before achieving respectability late in the twentieth century, American art had long suffered as “the impoverished, unwanted stepchild of art history.” Wanda M. Corn, “Coming of Age: Historical...
PublisherYale University Art Gallery
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.1-35

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