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The Recitation

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Description: The Recitation
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Description: Nocturne: Night in American Art, 1890–1917
Whistler’s radical formal practices and his highly polemical writings first prescribed the aesthetics of the nocturne genre. These prescriptions, adopted by his disciples and by critics, were erected into a systematic grid for interpreting the works of art. They promoted a paradoxical genre of painting, an antivision in the sense that the aesthetic codes that...
PublisherYale University Press
PublisherTerra Foundation for American Art
Related print edition pages: pp.19-31
Description: Inventing the Modern Artist: Art and Culture in Gilded Age America
In 1905, B. O. Flower, editor of the liberal magazine Arena, described the great crisis of contemporary art as a battle “between those who stand for sane and normal freedom and who though true to the basic principles of art refuse to be copyists or imitators,” and “those . . . imbued with the soul-stagnating spirit of modern commercialism” who are intent on forming a trust “where the measuring-rod of mediocrity would become paramount.” Pitting incorporated modes of artistic practice against the …
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.46-76

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