William Vaughan
William Vaughan is Emeritus Professor of History of Art at Birkbeck College, University of London.
Vaughan, William
Vaughan, William
United States of America
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Description: German Romanticism and English Art
This original study sets out to investigate and analyze the reactions of English artists in the four decades following the end of the Napoleonic Wars. The period was a critical one: despite the brilliant achievements of Turner, Constable, and Lawrence, there was a growing uneasiness about the "sensuous" direction taken by the British School as a whole. After years of isolation due to the wars with France, British artists became aware of striking new developments in continental art, culminating in the 1840s when German monumental painting was held up as a model for the competitions for the decoration of the new Houses of Parliament.

The first part of the book considers the principal areas of artistic contact between the two countries, the radical new developments in the field of aesthetics, and the new range of themes found in German Romanticism. The latter half looks at specific stylistic connections, the impact of German book illustration and design, the influence of the Munich school on history painting, and the rivalry between English and German artists in the field or religious art.

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Print publication date September 1979 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300021943
EISBN 9780300259490
Illustrations 176
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Description: German Romantic Painting
The early 19th century was a period in German art in which painting played a significant part in the cultural resurgence commonly known as the Romantic Movement. This Movement and some of its chief exponents are examined against a background of German literature, philosophy and music.

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Print publication date September 1994 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300060478
EISBN 9780300254181
Illustrations 196
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Description: Art on the Line: The Royal Academy Exhibitions at Somerset House 1780–1836
NO JUDICIOUS FRIEND OF THE ARTIST would maintain, that the voice of the public is the voice of true taste, or that a fickle and partial multitude would be likely to encourage the artist to attempt the nobler departments of painting.’Johann David Passavant, Tour of a German Artist in England, trans....
PublisherPaul Mellon Centre
Related print edition pages: pp.243-252