Elizabeth M. Rudy
Rudy, Elizabeth M.
Rudy, Elizabeth M.
United States of America
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Description: Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium
~The relationship between drawings and prints can be neither universally qualified nor easily categorized. The precise nature of their interaction is always specific to the artists involved and to the particular circumstances surrounding the commission or project, and is frequently the result of a collaboration of many artists. Most often, their...
PublisherHarvard Art Museums
Related print edition pages: pp.42-61
Description: Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium
The aim of the present publication is to make visible the multifarious process of drawing’s emergence into modernity. To achieve this aim, the authors have dispensed with the traditionally privileged chronological, stylistic, or oeuvre-oriented formats of display in favor of a model of presentation based in a constellation of interrelated categories. The book is divided into three main sections (Medium, Discourse, and Object) and, within them, into several subsections that address specific aspects of these divisions. Grouped under these headings are drawings produced at different moments in time as well as different types of drawings.

This catalogue accompanied the exhibition "Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium," on view at the Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, Massachusetts, from January 21 through May 7, 2017.

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Print publication date January 2017 (in print)
Print ISBN 9781891771712
EISBN 9780300238372
Illustrations 197 Illus.
Print Status in print