Alan Kolata
Alan Kolata is Bernard E. and Ellen C. Sunny Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College at the University of Chicago.
Kolata, Alan
Kolata, Alan
United States of America
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Description: The Ancient Americas: Art from Sacred Landscapes
The mystique of the city of Tiwanaku in late pre-Hispanic Andean society was intimately associated with its role as a place of origin in cosmogonic myths. According to the sixteenth-century accounts of Betanzos, Sarmiento, and Molina, it was in Tiwanaku that the creator god Viracocha ordained a new social order, and it was from Tiwanaku that the primeval couple was sent out along symmetrically opposed migratory paths to call forth the nations of the Andean world from springs and rivers, rocks …
PublisherArt Institute of Chicago
Related print edition pages: pp.317-333