Allison Langley
Allison Langley is associate paintings conservator at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Langley, Allison
Langley, Allison
United States of America
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Description: Facture: Conservation Science Art History Volume 2: Art in Context
Mark Rothko (1903 – 1970) was a reclusive painter, rarely allowing anyone to see him at work in his studio (fig. 1) and reticent when questioned about his painting techniques and materials...
PublisherNational Gallery of Art
Related print edition pages: pp.110-137
Description: Conservation at the Art Institute of Chicago
The conservators at the Art Institute of Chicago are pleased to present the first issue of Museum Studies devoted to conservation-related topics. The following essays offer a behind-the-scenes view of our work at the museum, where staff with diverse areas of expertise treat and research objects of every age, medium, and origin. The articles themselves range from detailed descriptions of...
PublisherArt Institute of Chicago