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Description: Self-portrait
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Description: Hieronymus Bosch: Time and Transformation in The Garden of Earthly Delights
The old age of the earth, indicated by the barren, burning terrain on the right wing of The Garden of Earthly Delights, is lodged in the historical present by a host of modern artifacts: a table, a bed, a mirror, jugs, a lantern, a key, ladders, knives, a cooking pot, a night stool, a hurdy-gurdy, and so forth...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.108-137
Description: The Intellectual Life of the Early Renaissance Artist
‘Through painting’, Alberti wrote in On Painting, ‘the faces of the dead go on living for a very long time’. But in their self-portraits early Renaissance artists, it seems, intended less to commemorate themselves for posterity than to assert in visual form their artistic and intellectual skills. The ways in which the Renaissance artist portrayed himself are therefore useful indicators of his self-image and aspirations. The context in which he sets himself, the clothes he is wearing, the …
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.209-243

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