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Icebergs, July 1, 1859

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Description: Icebergs, July 1, 1859
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Description: The Voyage of the Icebergs: Frederic Church’s Arctic Masterpiece
In May 1862 Frederic Edwin Church had a problem. His latest “Great Picture,” a six-by-nine-foot canvas called The North—now known as The Icebergs—had failed to find a buyer, after being shown first in New York and then in Boston. As he had done with great success before,...
PublisherDallas Museum of Art
Related print edition pages: pp.45-69
Description: Scale
On May 30, 1578, the English privateer Martin Frobisher (1539?–1594) launched the last of three ill-fated voyages toward a northwest passage to Asia. His sixteen ships left Harwich one month later than planned, headed for eastern Greenland. Passage or no, Frobisher had a supplementary motive: he meant to mine and...
PublisherTerra Foundation for American Art
Related print edition pages: pp.180-214

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