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Villa Farnesina, Rome, plan

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Description: Villa Farnesina, Rome, plan
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Description: The Villa in the Life of Renaissance Rome
The Villa Belvedere, built for Pope Innocent VIII (1484-1492) on the summit of Monte Sant’Egidio north of St. Peter’s and the Vatican Palace (Fig. 39, p. 71), is the earliest building in Rome to present fully all the characteristics of the Renaissance villa. In terms of its function it is, of course, not the first Roman villa, for this...
PublisherPrinceton University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.63-110
Description: The Invention of the Italian Renaissance Printmaker
~~In 1593 Andrea Andreani, an itinerant woodblock cutter in Siena, packed up shop and returned to his native Mantua to begin work on a print commission from Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga. The task was...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.45-110

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