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Six Friends at Dieppe

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Description: Six Friends at Dieppe
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Description: Fellow Men: Fantin-Latour and the Problem of the Group in Nineteenth-Century French...
FANTIN-LATOUR has been the core of every chapter in this book so far. Courbet, Manet, and Degas have all been significant parts of the story, but it is in Fantin’s work that my key arguments have found their root. He has been my focus because his work’s engagement with group dynamics is the most deep and sustained, and because his painting’s best expose the...
PublisherPrinceton University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.203-227
Description: Degas at Harvard
Sixty years ago—in 1944 to be precise—I went to Harvard to take the Museum Course ...
PublisherHarvard Art Museums
Related print edition pages: pp.77-94

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