Coursepacks are custom publications made up of one or more chapters from eBooks on the A&AePortal. Once your coursepack is set up, it can be published onto our site and made available to students. Students can read your coursepack through an online reader (with useful tools for bookmarking, note-taking, and citations).
Accessing Coursepacks (Students)
Students can view the coursepacks made available to them on the main Coursepacks page:
Students must be associated with your campus address (IP range) in order to view the coursepacks associated with their institution. Students are not required to log in to view coursepacks, but they will need to create an account to save a coursepack to their Bookshelf or make highlights & notes on the content.
Adding a coursepack to your Bookshelf
Students can save coursepacks to their Bookshelf for convenient use. This will also allow them to access the coursepack after it has expired from the Coursepack area.
Sign in to the A&AePortal.
Go the Coursepacks area from the top navigation menu.
Choose the coursepack you wish to add to your Bookshelf.
From the main coursepack information page that displays the coursepack cover and description, select the Add to Bookshelf button or icon available in the lower left menu options.
The coursepack will now be available on your personal Bookshelf.
Creating Coursepacks (Instructors)
Coursepacks created by Verified Instructors will appear in the Coursepacks area of the site. Only coursepacks associated with the subscribing institution will appear here and they will only be visible within the permitted IP range.
In order to create coursepacks, faculty must be verified as an instructor at the subscribing institution. Faculty should fill out the Instructor Verification registration form to enable our site administrators to assign the Verified Instructor role to the listed account. The form is available here: