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Monique Mosser (Editor), Georges Teyssot (Editor)
Description: The Architecture of Western Gardens: A Design History from the Renaissance to the...
Monique Mosser (Editor), Georges Teyssot (Editor)
PublisherMIT Press
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A work such as this is the result of a collective effort on the part of many individuals, and it is therefore difficult to make proper acknowledgment for all the assistance received. Special thanks are due to the Department of the History of Architecture (IUAV), Venice, and to the Ministry of Education, Rome, for making research funds available for the collection of illustration material. The editors and publishers would also like to record their indebtedness to the Committee of Experts and all the authors, translators, editors, picture researchers, graphic artists, designers and photographers who have made valuable contributions to the work.
The texts by Georges Teyssot, Lionello Puppi, Luigi Zangheri, Lucia Tongiorgi Tomasi, Paolo Carpeggiani, Gianni Venturi, Bruno Adorni, Margherita Azzi Visentini, Anna Maria Matteucci, Maurizio Gargano, Alessandra Ponte, Paolo Morachiello, Elisabetta Cereghini, Cesare De Seta, Eliana Mauro, Ettore Sessa, Marco De Michelis, Renzo Dubbini, Marco Pogačnik and Sergio Polano and all the captions were translated from the Italian by Wendy Dallas.
The texts by Monique Mosser, Anne-Marie Lecoq, Françoise Boudon, Hélène Vérin, Gérard Mabille, Antoine Schnapper, Marianne Roland Michel, Daniel Rabreau, Anne de Stoop, Antoinette Le Normand Romain, Jean de Cayeux, Thomas von Joest, Annick Brauman, Michel Racine, Catherine Royer and Isabelle Auricoste were translated from the French by Barbara Mellor.
The texts by Reinhard Zimmermann, Dorothee Nehring, Helmut Reinhardt, Dieter Hennebo, Hans-Christoph Dittscheid, Klaus von Krosigk, Vroni Heinrich and Birgit Wahmann were translated from the German by Sebastian Wormell.
The texts by Carmen Añón Feliú, Ignasi de Solà Morales and Fernando Aliata were translated from the Spanish by Anthony Bland.
The texts by Ulbe Martin Mehrtens, Carla S. Oldenburger-Ebbers and Jan van Asbeck were translated from the Dutch by Paul Vincent.
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