Alan C. Braddock
Alan C. Braddock is Ralph H. Wark Associate Professor of Art History and Environmental Humanities at William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.
Braddock, Alan C.
Braddock, Alan C.
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Description: Implication: An Ecocritical Dictionary for Art History
Ecocriticism is an interdisciplinary mode of inquiry that examines the environmental significance of art, literature, and other creative endeavors. In Implication: An Ecocritical Dictionary for Art History, Alan C. Braddock, a pioneer in art historical ecocriticism, presents a fascinating group of key terms and case studies to demonstrate that all art is ecological in its interconnectedness with the world.

The book adopts a dictionary-style format, although not in a conventional sense. Drawing inspiration from French surrealist writer Georges Bataille, this dictionary presents carefully selected words that link art history to the environmental humanities—not only ecocriticism, but also environmental history, science, politics, and critical animal studies. A wide array of creative works from different cultures and time periods reveal the import of these terms and the inescapable entanglement of art with ecology. Ancient Roman mosaics, Song dynasty Taihu rocks, a Tlaxcalan lienzo, early modern European engravings and altarpieces, a Kongo dibondo, nineteenth-century landscape paintings by African American artist Edward Mitchell Bannister, French Impressionist urban scenes, and contemporary activist art, among other works, here disclose the intrinsic ecological conditions of art.

“Its enlightening and eclectic case studies in the visual arts suggest that this is a thoroughly mature book in the sense that it doesn’t pretend to (or need to) introduce the field but seeks rather to deepen and expand its reach, its implications.”—Mark A. Cheetham, Professor of Art History, University of Toronto

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