Hannah Greig
Hannah Greig is senior lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of York.
Greig, Hannah
Greig, Hannah
United States of America
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Description: Gender, Taste, and Material Culture in Britain and North America, 1700–1830
THE CHARACTERIZATION OF London’s beau monde as matchless masters of fashion is a compelling feature of eighteenth-century commentary. Whether celebrated or despised, the representation of this metropolitan set as the...
PublisherYale Center for British Art
PublisherPaul Mellon Centre
Related print edition pages: pp.293-310
Description: Mrs. Delany and Her Circle
The fragments of what were believed to be Mary Delany’s famous “court dress” have proved a tantalizing jigsaw. Despite some being remade into other items (such as firescreens) when passed down through generations, the association of the striking fabric pieces with the eighteenth-century court, family heritage, and Mrs. Delany herself has stood the test of time. As revealed in the...
PublisherYale Center for British Art
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.80-91