Sadako Ohki
Sadako Ohki is the Japan Foundation Associate Curator of Japanese Art at the Yale University Art Gallery.
Ohki, Sadako
Ohki, Sadako
United States of America
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Description: Ike Taiga and Tokuyama Gyokuran: Japanese Masters of the Brush
During the second half of the eighteenth century in Japan, particularly in and around the imperial city of Kyoto, there arose a colorful group of professional painters who produced works of unprecedented individuality and originality. Chronologically, this loosely connected group of seven...
PublisherPhiladelphia Museum of Art
Related print edition pages: pp.75-93
Description: Tea Culture of Japan
Imported to Japan from China during the 9th century, the custom of serving tea did not become widespread until the 13th century. By the late 15th and 16th centuries, tea was ceremonially prepared by a skilled tea master and served to guests in a tranquil setting. This way of preparing tea became known as chanoyu, literally “hot water for tea.”

This book explores the aesthetics and history of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, examining the nature of tea collections and the links between connoisseurship, politics, and international relations. It also surveys current practices and settings in light of the ongoing transformation of the tradition in contemporary tea houses. Among the precious objects discussed and pictured are ceramic tea bowls, wooden tea scoops, metal sake pourers, and lacquered incense containers, as well as folding screens that evoke the historical settings of serving tea.
Print publication date March 2009 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300146929
EISBN 9780300247923
Illustrations 167
Print Status out of print