Ioli Kalavrezou
Ioli Kalavrezou is Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Byzantine Art History at Harvard University.
Kalavrezou, Ioli
Kalavrezou, Ioli
United States of America
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Description: Byzantine Women and Their World
The modern perception of women in the medieval world has suffered from a lack of adequate textual sources and material evidence relating to women’s lives. This...
PublisherHarvard Art Museums
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Description: Byzantine Women and Their World
This book explores the representation of women in the Byzantine Empire. Featuring nearly two hundred works of art, the volume illustrates how women in Byzantium were represented in both material and literary culture and explores the continuities and changes in their lives throughout the era.

The featured artworks—gathered from premier collections in North America—date from the fourth through the fifteenth century and represent a full range of media and subject matter. They include luxury objects such as ivories, silver vessels, and precious jewelry; utilitarian objects such as toiletries and weaving tools; official objects such as coins and seals; and ritual objects such as icons and amulets. Organized in two broad categories—women in the public sphere and women in the private sphere—these works of art and objects of everyday life illustrate the diverse roles of women in Byzantine society and offer a view of their personal and public lives. Introductory essays by leading Byzantinists Ioli Kalavrezou and Angeliki Laiou offer further insights into these themes.

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Print publication date March 2003 (out of print)
Print ISBN 9780300096989
EISBN 9780300247961
Illustrations 216
Print Status out of print